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Selected Publications:

  • M. Voit, R. Stiefelhagen,
    Tracking Head Pose and Focus of Attention with Multiple Far-field Cameras,
    International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces, ICMI2006, November 2006, Banff, Canada. (pdf)
  • M. Katzenmaier, R. Stiefelhagen, T. Schultz, I. Rogina, A. Waibel, Identifying the Addressee in Human-Human-Robot Interactions based on Head Pose and Speech, International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces ICMI 2004, State College, PA, USA, Oktober 2004. (pdf)
  • Tracking Focus of Attention in Meetings
    Rainer Stiefelhagen
    IEEE International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, October 14-16, 2002, pp. 273-280. (pdf)
  • Rainer Stiefelhagen, Jie Yang and Alex Waibel
    Modeling Focus of Attention for Meeting Indexing based on Multiple Cues
    IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, July 2002, Vol. 13, Number 4, pp. 928-938. (pdf)