The Soft-Biometric in Surveillance (SoBiS) dataset was collected to provide a unified dataset to evaluate the following four computer vision tasks:

The dataset was recorded in a camera network at Fraunhofer IOSB and contains many challenges that computer vision algorithms and surveillance applications have to deal with.
Video data was recorded by seven cameras on three days and contains 31 volunteers which reappear multiple times. Scenes range from low complexity with only one person in the camera network to high complexity witch 15 or more persons in the recorded area. For a more detailed description of the dataset please see the corresponding publication below.


The dataset contains the following items:



We are obligated to keep track of who obtains the dataset and ensure that it is only used for academic purposes. Thus, the dataset is only available by request.
To request a download link for the dataset please send an email to .


Please cite this dataset as:
A Soft-Biometrics Dataset for Person Tracking and Re-Identification
A. Schumann, E. Monari
in Proceedings Advanced Video and Singal Based Surveillance (AVSS), 2014