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A Universal Labeling Tool: Sloth

Sloth’s purpose is to provide a versatile tool for various labeling tasks in the context of computer vision research. Since there are so many different label formats and requirements out there, we concluded that is virtually impossible to build the one label tool sufficient to handle all labeling tasks. Therefore, this project can be seen rather as a framework and set of standard components to quickly configure a label tool specificly tailored to ones needs.

Sloth main GUI

The above screenshot shows an example configuration for labeling faces. Although rectangles might be by far the most commonly used type of label in computer vision, you are not constrained in any way to specific shapes. We use Sloth to label faces, facial feature points, person bounding boxes, body joint locations, gender, person identities and more.


Get the code from github:

git clone

For installation instructions see the documentation.


You can find the latest documentation at


If you have any problems getting Sloth to run, find a bug or just want to let me know that you like Sloth, just drop me a mail. There is also a bug tracker at github.