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A Time Pooled Track Kernel for Person Identification

M. Bäuml, M. Tapaswi, R. Stiefelhagen
International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance (AVSS), August 2014
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We present a novel method for comparing tracks by means of a time pooled track kernel. In contrast to spatial or feature-space pooling, the track kernel pools base kernel results within tracks over time. It includes as special cases frame-wise classification on the one hand and the normalized sum kernel on the other hand. We also investigate non-Mercer instantiations of the track kernel and obtain good results despite its Gram matrices not being positive semidefinite. Second, the track kernel matrices in general require less memory than single frame kernels, allowing to process larger datasets without resorting to subsampling. Finally, the track kernel formulation allows for very fast testing compared to frame-wise classification which is important in settings where user feedback is obtained and quick iterations of re-training and re-testing are required. We apply our approach to the task of video-based person identification in large scale settings and obtain state-of-the art results.