Why is Facial Expression Analysis in the Wild Challenging?

  • Author:

    T. Gehrig, H.K. Ekenel

  • Source:

    Emotion Recognition In The Wild Challenge and Workshop (EmotiW’13), December 9, 2013, Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • Date: 2013/12

Supplemental Material

Mean faces over a sequences for different alignments

Mean faces
Mean faces for some clips from the validation set of EmotiW2013 using eye-based affine alignment or fiducial point based warping. The clips are from the movies “Remember Me”, “21”, “Friends With Benefit”, and “Hall Pass”, respectively.

Multiple Emotions within a sequence

Multiple Emotions
In clip 010025312 from the movie “Messengers”, labeled with “sad” in the validation set, multiple emotions are present. The face crop-outs depict the different prototypic facial expressions. The character’s spoken text is “You never listen to me!”.