Academic Job Offers

Sorry, there are currently no open positions.

Is this not exactly what you are looking for and you want to be part of our team? We herewith encourage good students to send an application (incl. motiviation letter, CV etc.) to Prof. Stiefelhagen (rainer stiefelhagenJiy8∂kit edu).


Please note that we do not offer summer internships.





Hiwi Job Offers

Hiwi für AccessibleMaps Projekt [pdf]

Hiwi: Diverse Aushilfe bei den Action Recognition Projekten [link]

Hiwi: Diverse Aushilfe im Bereich der Digitalizierung von Bauprojekten [pdf]

Hiwi für SMART AGE Projekt [pdf]


Bachelor/Master Theses

We offer various topics in the area of Computer Vision, Perception of People for HCI, Vision for the Seeing Impaired, Health Care and Image and Video Analysis. Below is a list of possible Bachelor/Master thesis topics. If you are interested in this area or have any other ideas, please don't hesitate to visit or contact us directly.

  • Computer Vision Based Navigation Assistance for People with Visual Impairments [pdf]
  • Thermal-Visible Face matching [pdf]
  • Face Recognition in the Wild with Deep Neural Networks [pdf]
  • Deep Learning Based Tone Mapping for Infrared Images and Videos [pdf]
  • Textuelle Beschreibung von Gebäudekarten für Menschen mit Sehbeeinträchtigung [pdf]
  • Sonifikation von Indoor/Outdoor-Umgebungen für Menschen mit Blindheit [pdf]
  • Image Analysis of Structured Visual Content Using Deep Learning [pdf]
  • Interactive Labeling for ML-based Structural Formula Extraction: Scaling Human Accessibility of Documents for Visually Impaired People [link]
  • For various topics in Deep Learning for Human Activity Understanding, please contact A. Roitberg.


Not found what you are looking for? Please also check our offers at SZS here.