Biometric Systems for Person Identification


Biometrics deals with the science of recognizing and identifying humans based on their biometrics traits, such as finger prints, face, iris, gait etc. With the increasing demands put on security and surveillance e.g. safer access control, border control/passports and identifying criminals /law enforcement, biometrics becomes more and more essential and technologies are being developed to solve many issues in this demanding area of research. In this course, the students will learn the fundamental concepts of underlying biometrics technologies, understanding of various techniques for different topics/technologies used in biometrics.

The topics include
- Introduction: Biometrics acquisitions and image processing, basic introduction to the area of computer vision/machine learning applied to biometrics
- Biometrics system: requirements, enrollment, identification/verification, performance metrics
- Biometrics technologies: Overview of different biometrics technologies
- Finger print recognition: image enhancement, state-of-the art techniques, challenges
- Iris recognition: image acquisitions, feature extraction, state-of-the-art techniques, challenges
- Face recognition: introduction, current methods, applications
- Palm print recognition: current methods
- Gait recognition: emerging methods
- Multi-Biometrics: multiple modes of biometrics, fusion strategies
- Risk analysis: attacks, liveness detection, fraud prevention

Language of instructionEnglish